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Take Back Our Water District
End the Water Rate Tyranny

Restore Integrity to the Water Board


VOTE YES to recall Directors Gary Melton and Robert Kiley.
REJECT Water Board President Ric Collett and his crony candidates.

Reasons to Recall & Change the Water Board

  • YLWD has overcharged customers $8.65 million for water and sewer, which amounts to $360 per household per year. Thanks to their excessive meter fee increases, the District had $10.9 million in net profit for Fiscal Year 2015-16 and they only projected $2.25 million.
  • To achieve massive profits, the current Board participated in a deceptive YLWD campaign that used Californiaís water crisis as the excuse to excessively increase District rates in September 2015. The campaign grossly misstated income and expenses and has concealed over $8 million in excess profits that are now being parked in reserves. Customers deserve a rebate.
  • All five Board members voted to raise your water rates 380% over the next 5 years in September 2015, when in May that year they voted to increase YLWD employees salaries and benefits for the next three years. Businesses donít hand out raises amidst a financial crisis.
  • The Board is subsidizing the developers of Esperanza Hills and Cielo Vista in Yorba Linda, who will directly benefit from the $7 million upgrade to the Fairmont Booster Pumping Station that will provide District water to these developments. The developers have not contributed one penny to this project, but Cielo Vista has contributed $3000 to Board President Ric Collettís political action committee to thwart the recall.

Itís Time to Take Back Our Water District.
Change the Water Board. Change the Rates. Get a Rebate.






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